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University of South Carolina NROTC Alumni Association

For over three decades, the USC Naval ROTC Alumni Association has fulfilled its mission to support the young men and women comprising our USC NROTC Gamecock Battalion. These fine young men and women of the Gamecock Battalion are our nation’s next community and military leaders. To support these future leaders, the Alumni Association conducts fundraising activities, including our biggest fundraiser, the annual Golf Tournament. The funds raised by the Alumni Association are used to fund scholarships for students and to support a host of other unit activities to include national leadership conferences, professional development conferences, national drill team competitions, and other events and items that improve the overall quality of life for the Midshipmen that are not funded by the Department of the Navy.

The following is a list of ways the Alumni Association supported the Gamecock Battalion in recent years.

  • Awarded all College Programmers from out of state a $250 scholarship that enables the student to receive near-in-state tuition rates, saving the family approximately $14,000 annually.
  • Provided two $500 scholarships to outstanding seniors in each academic year.
  • Purchased a new public address system to be used at events and ceremonies.
  • Annually held a Pass in Review ceremony to recognize and honor the Admiral of the Year.
  • Partnered with the Air Force ROTC to purchase a new flight simulator to be jointly used.
  • Financed trips for the Drill Team to compete at Tulane University and Ohio State.
  • Provided funding for three Midshipmen to attend a Special Warfare (Seal Team) indoctrination weekend.
  • Funded multiple leadership conferences including:
    • 2 Midshipmen to attend the American Valor Conference in Washington, DC
    • 4 Midshipmen to attend the Naval Academy Leadership Conference in Annapolis, MD
    • 6 Midshipmen to attend the Yale Leadership Conference in New Haven, CT.

Recently The University of South Carolina and our ROTC Unit were recognized by the Department of Defense with the Department of Defense ROTC and Educational Institution Partnership Excellence Award as the Department of the Navy’s most outstanding ROTC Unit and host educational institution. This prestigious award is determined by performance, host institution support, and other noteworthy achievements. One ROTC Unit and host educational institution is selected annually among the 78 NROTC Units across the country. This achievement speaks highly of the Midshipmen, staff and program this Association supports. The award is a reflection ofall their hard work and dedication. Bravo Zulu Gamecock Battalion.

The Alumni Association could not support our Gamecock Battalion without the support of all the Alumni Association members and our sponsors. We encourage you to get involved with our organization! We can’t continue to contribute to the training and education of our future military and community leaders without your support. If you would like to join in our efforts to support the Gamecock Battalion, a $250 donation will fund one scholarship for an out-of-state freshman, however any donation amount is greatly appreciated. Every $250 donor will receive a lifetime membership and will receive a certificate from the Association in recognition thereof.  Join today!